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At Riberach, we defend a certain idea of "Slow food" cuisine: fluid, structured and gourmet, our cuisine vibrates according to the seasons, the market and the cravings of the moment.

In a constant search for fresh products of local origin, 0 km is our motto. This terroir is discovered and appreciated in a succession of dishes with flavours that reveal themselves, respond to each other or challenge each other...

Julien Montassié
La Coopérative




"Instinct, respect, impulse, encounters, delight... Convivial cuisine with a contemporary, instinctive, evolutionary, savoury and tangy vision: the terroir in the plate. »

Julien Montassié

Gaining height, reinventing space, playing with the history of the premises, marrying the mineral with the organic, rediscovering the ancestral traces of wagons, planting a tree and turning a press room into a restaurant. Outside, on the terrace in the shade of an olive tree, you will linger to taste wines from here and from abroad, in harmony with Julien's gastronomical poetry...

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