In the name of the sky, land and men who work it!

There was a time when vineyards meant everything!

At that time, men and women gathered, and shared their strength and courage. They shaped the mountain and built terraces on the slopes. The land was cleared, turned over and planted with vines, and they hoped that nature would be generous.

La vigne

And then they built a winery, their winery, a winery just like them...

Through sheer hard work, they piled up stones and built cyclopean walls… Just within the limits of balance. And when they had finished, they thought it was well done and they signed. As if they wanted to defy adversity, like a cry for universality, they did it. A world map, two intertwined hands and a maxim for eternity:

“All for One, One for All”. This would be their future!

Tous pour un et un pour tous

La cave

Much time has gone by since then...

From successes to failures, from great victories to lost illusions, it is not so much that nature has changed but humankind has evolved. Evolution! Here is the keyword that rules mankind’s world.

Nearly 80 years later (in fact, a man’s or woman’s lifetime), what is left of this ideal, these waved flags and raised fists? Images, memories, convictions?

Nature is still here. It has its own rules that reason knows nothing of, and the grapevines formerly planted for the happiness of men and women still today produce the fruits of this labour.

AIn the name of those women and men who took destiny into their own hands, showed us that daring was not an empty word, and happiness is first what we do with it, we cultivate, in our turn, this touch of fantasy... called RIBERACH!

La cave



Natural philosophy

In order to maintain ecosystem processes and protect our health and yours, our wines are produced through agroecological methods from the start.

NWe selected « NATURE & PROGRÉS » label and were certified by it in 2011, which enables us to offer you an honest and consistent organic approach with reference to both the vineyards and winery.

We exclude pesticides and herbicides, and more generally all synthetic products or GMOs.

Our goal is to preserve and promote existing natural balance, biodiversity in our countrysides and, finally, maintain and improve soil fertility from a more general perspective on sustainable development.

We therefore favour local grape varieties (Carignans, Grenaches, Maccabeu) using mainly massal selections.

Because “wine is first made from the grapevine”, we use traditional vinification methods without technology.

Patrick Rodrigues

Our wines are made by spontaneous fermentation using indigenous yeast flora which naturally grows in the environment. No chemical or physical amelioration to wine during winemaking process. No addition of animal/vegetal fining agent, and/or no sterile filtration. Use of sulphites is extremely limited, or even prohibited.

Riberach: A 10 hectare philosophy in the foothills of the Pyrenees at an altitude of 40 metres, between the land and sea.