the winery

Wine is a way to promote culture, stimulate exchanges and favour encounters.

Reflecting this diversity, we invite you to share our production – a work of art in 5 acts based on the themes of Thèse (Thesis), Antithèse (Antithesis), Synthèse (Synthesis) and Hypothèse (Hypothesis).

Recolte du raisin
La Coopérative




RIBERACH is first of all the result of the meeting between Jean Michel Mailloles, Patrick Rodrigues, Moritz Herzog and Luc Richard, and very recently, Guilhem Soulignac.

In 2006, the group formed by combining the talents of all, and founded Domaine Riberach. This fusion of competences and ideas resulting from different backgrounds has, over the last ten years, enabled to broaden one’s experience when in contact with others’ experience. What is true for human beings is also true for wines, and this “multicultural” blending can be savoured in a glass today.

Thèse - Antithèse - Synthèse - Hypothèse...