General terms and conditions

Article 1: Preamble

  • The customer declares to have full legal capacity allowing him to commit himself under these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, i.e. to be at least 18 years old and not be under guardianship or curatorship.
  • The customer declares to reserve services on a personal and private basis, or, if need be, to benefit privately from a personal reservation within a group reservation (several individuals, association, company, works council or other).
  • The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale express the entirety of the obligations of the parties.

Article 2: Definitions

Gift box, gift voucher, package stay and/or accommodation only

  • « Accommodation, Catering and Spa Package »: service including accommodation in our establishment as well as a catering package with buffet breakfast, half board or full board and one or more Spa treatments.
  • « Accommodation and Catering Package «: includes accommodation at the Domaine Riberach as well as a catering package with buffet breakfast, half or full board.
  • « Accommodation only »: service including only accommodation at the Domaine Riberach and excluding any catering and/or spa treatments and/or wine tourism services.
  • « Gift box »: containing a gift voucher corresponding to the purchase of accommodation, catering, spa, wine tourism services... of the Domaine, according to the descriptions & contents proposed on the website or directly by telephone/email.
  • « Gift voucher »: voucher of a certain value offered for or by the customer, for the purchase of a service of €50, €100 or €150 at the Domaine Riberach.

Domaine Riberach: means together or separately the hotel, the restaurant La Coopérative, the spa, the shop and the cellar-counter.

Travel Agent / Service Provider: means a retailer who has a commercial agreement with Domaine Riberach and is authorised to sell its services.

Article 3: Content

  • These General Terms and Conditions of Sale define the rights and obligations of the Parties in connection with the reservation of services offered by Domaine Riberach.
  • These General Terms and Conditions of Sale may be modified at any time without notice. These modifications will not be applicable to bookings made previously. Only the General Terms and Conditions of Sale in force at the time of the reservation are opposable to the customer.
  • The customer acknowledges having read and accepted the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Article 4: Services offered by the Domaine Riberach

  • The services offered by the Domaine Riberach are detailed on the Domaine Riberach website.
  • All accommodation, restaurant, spa and wine tourism packages include buffet breakfast, half board or full board at the Cooperative or local pension at the Comptoir Cave.
  • They do not include drinks (except in the case of a package specifying "Drinks included"), tourist taxes and various additional services that the customer may wish to benefit from during their stay (telephone, tasting, laundry...).
  • Accommodation only (as defined in Article 2) is understood to be the only accommodation service provided within the Domaine Riberach, to the exclusion of all other services provided by the Domaine Riberach.
  • The Accommodation and Catering Package (as defined in Article 2) includes accommodation at the Domaine Riberach as well as a buffet breakfast and/or half board or full board at the Cooperative or at the Comptoir Cave (depending on the option and menu chosen).

Article 5: Conditions for children, babies and mothers-to-be

  • Children and teenagers between the ages of 7 and 17 as well as pregnant women can receive certain massages at the Spa du Domaine Riberach upon presentation of a medical certificate and/or parental discharge.

Article 6: Price

The client guarantees that he is fully entitled to use the means of payment provided for the reservation or payment of his order and that it gives access to sufficient funds to cover all costs resulting from the purchase of the services requested. The prices indicated are displayed in euros, in amounts including all taxes, and are only valid for the dates indicated on the booking confirmation.
The prices take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the booking and any change in the rate applicable to VAT will automatically be reflected in the prices indicated. For stays at the Domaine Riberach, unless otherwise stated in the description of the stay, the prices shown do not include the following fees and optional services:

  • the tourist tax
  • the reception of pets
  • extra beds insurance
  • catering services not included in the chosen formuladrinks
  • activities not included in the chosen formula
  • ancillary services (laundry...)
  • and, in general, all expenses of a personal nature not included in the chosen formula

Article 7: Reservation of services

Reservations can be made with the reservations department by telephone on +33 (0)4 68 50 30 10, by contact form or by post at Domaine Riberach, 2A route de Caladroy 66720 BELESTA - FRANCE.

Article 8: Confirmation of the reservation

Following his order, the customer receives a booking confirmation. Confirmation of the customer's reservation by Domaine Riberach shall be subject to the registration of valid bank details. The confirmation of the reservation shall contain a summary of the services ordered and the corresponding prices. If a down payment is made at the request of Domaine Riberach (in the case of group bookings), this shall be indicated in the booking confirmation.

Article 9: Payment of services

The payment of the total amount of the service is due at the time of the client's departure, at the end of his stay.
Clients arriving directly at the reception desk and not registered in our customer file will have to pay the totality of the reservation at the time of their departure. In the event of early departure, the credit card will be debited for the total amount of the reservation as well as the services consumed during the stay.

In the event of early departure, the credit card will be debited for the total amount of the reservation as well as the services consumed during the stay.

  • The reservation of accommodation only (as defined in article 2 hereof) will only be taken into account after the customer's valid credit card has been registered by Domaine Riberach.
  • « Early Booking » rates require prepayment of the full price of the stay at the time of booking. These offers are non-changeable, non-refundable and non-transferable. The customer shall not be entitled to any refund or demand any change in the dates of stay in the event of cancellation.
  • Promotions and reductions can in no case have a retroactive effect.
  • Any service not consumed will not be refunded.
  • Payment can be made: by sending a cheque, by bank transfer, by holiday cheque or by credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, American Express, Master Card/Eurocard) whose holder is the booking party. In the case of payment by credit card, the client acknowledges having given authorisation to debit the corresponding amount.
  • In accordance with Article L133-8 of the French Monetary and Financial Code, and unless otherwise stipulated by law, the payment service user may not revoke a payment order once it has been received by the payer's payment service provider.
  • For your financial transactions, uses an external payment solution. With this system, your credit card payment is made directly on the secure server of the online bank. At no time will your credit card number be communicated to Domaine Riberach.

Article 10: External service providers and partners

  • Articles 8 and 9 above do not apply in the case of bookings on the internet via the website of a Travel Agent / Provider who has an agreement in force with Domaine Riberach. The terms and conditions of booking and payment applicable are those of the said travel site.
  • In any event, the customer must have a voucher from the Travel Agent/Provider before the start of the stay, with which he has paid for the service corresponding to the reservation.
  • The information and data provided by third parties and tourist offices shall not be liable, just as the work or developments undertaken by municipalities, local authorities or private individuals shall not give rise to any compensation on the part of Domaine Riberach. Certain shops, restaurants, activities and entertainment may be closed at the beginning and/or end of the season without this leading to a reduction in the price of the stay or giving rise to compensation on the part of Domaine Riberach.

Article 11: Right of withdrawal

  • The customer is reminded, in accordance with Article L.221-28 12° of the Consumer Code, that he does not have the right of withdrawal provided for in Article L.221-18 of the Consumer Code.
  • Indeed, this right does not apply to « the provision of accommodation, services, transport of goods, car hire, catering or leisure activities that must be provided on a specific date or during a specific period ».

Article 12: State of health

  • The Spa is at the disposal of the customer during his stay. The customer acknowledges that he is aware of the risks incurred by the use of the facilities to which he has access (Sauna, hammam, hydrojet baths, massages, body care). The Domaine Riberach shall not be liable for any damage of any kind whatsoever resulting from an accident caused by the client's failure to observe safety regulations or improper use of the equipment and/or facilities.
  • The main therapeutic contraindications to the practice of Spa, sauna and hammam treatments are:
    • pregnancy or breastfeeding
    • surgical intervention less than 3 months old
    • arterial hypertension
    • recent trauma, fractures
    • endocrine disease: unbalanced dysthyroidism
    • infectious and contagious diseases (fever, angina, infections acute)
    • neurological diseases (unstable epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease...)
    • respiratory diseases (acute or chronic, severe asthma...)
    • venous disease (recent phlebitis)
    • psychiatric illness (if not stabilized)
    • cardiovascular diseases (heart failure, arteritis of the heart, heart attack, heart failure, lower extremities, recent heart attack, acute heart disease, unstable rhythm disorder)
    • rheumatological diseases (acute rheumatic attack, severe osteoporosis, herniated discs)
    • cancer in progress or under treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, aplasia), metastases or relapse of the cancer
    • dermatological infection (recent open wound or scar, oozing, purulent, eczema, psoriasis, unhealed shingles, chronic, varicose ulcer)
    • kidney disease
    • skin disease
    • acute infection

Article 13:Changes due to the customer

  • Any change in the dates of the service, the number of people or the modification of the reserved services, subject to acceptance by the establishment, will lead to an increase or decrease in the initial rate. The amount due by the customer will be that of the modified stay.
  • Should Domaine Riberach be unable to comply with requests for changes, Domaine Riberach shall not be held liable and if the customer wishes to cancel the reservation as a result, the cancellation conditions of Article 13 shall apply.
  • Any transfer of a holiday to a third party is only possible in accordance with the provisions of article L211-11 of the Tourism Code.

Article 14:Cancellation by the customer

  • All cancellations must be made in writing (e-mail, fax or post) and will be accepted for stays at the hotel:
    • D-30 days and more before the date of the beginning of the service
      reimbursement or postponement without charge
  • For private individuals:
    • from D- 30 days to D-10 days before the date of the beginning of the service:
      with the payment of 30% of the total amount due at the time of the reservation
    • from D-10 to D-2 before the start date of the service:
      upon payment of 50% of the total amount due at the time of booking
    • from D-1 to Day D (day of arrival) or no-show:
      upon full payment of the total amount due at the time of booking
  • For groups:
    • from D- 30 days to D-15 days before the date of the beginning of the service:
      with the payment of 30% of the total amount due at the time of the reservation
    • from D-15 to D-5 before the start of the service:
      upon payment of 50% of the total amount due at the time of booking
    • from D-5 to Day D (day of arrival) or no-show:
      upon full payment of the total amount due at the time of booking
  • Cancellation requests must be received by Domaine Riberach in writing (e-mail, fax or post)
  • Le Domaine Riberach informe ses clients de l’existence d’un contrat d’assurance couvrant les conséquences de l’annulation : possibilité, sur demande et selon conditions, de contracter l’assurance annulation par téléphone auprès de notre personnel de réservation au +33 (0)4 68 50 30 10
  • L’assurance portera sur les modifications ou annulation du fait du client comme précisé dans les articles 12 et 13. Les Conditions Générales de Vente de l’assurance annulation proposée par Domaine sont disponibles sur demande. En cas de souscription d’une police d’assurance, la prime d’assurance devra être réglée au moment de la réservation.

Article 15:Cancellation by the Domaine Riberach

  • If Domaine Riberach is forced to cancel the service paid for by the customer, Domaine Riberach shall inform the customer of this and offer the same services on other dates, subject to acceptance by the customer, who, if he refuses them, may then request reimbursement only (without incurring any penalties or costs) of the sum paid for the payment of this service, if a deposit has been made. Reimbursement will be made, at the Domain's discretion, by crediting the client's bank account or by bank cheque.
  • In all these cases, the customer may demand reimbursement of the sums paid plus interest calculated at the legal rate from the date of collection as well as compensation of the same amount.
  • If this cancellation is imposed by circumstances of force majeure, the customer may not claim any compensation: There is force majeure in contractual matters when an event beyond the debtor's control, which could not reasonably have been foreseen at the time of the conclusion of the contract and whose effects cannot be avoided by appropriate measures, prevents the debtor from fulfilling his obligation (Article 1218 of the Civil Code), and in particular in the event of:
    • strike
    • insurrection and riot
    • war
    • climatic, geographical, sanitary conditions that could endanger the life of the customer

Article 16:Health and safety measures - Internal Regulations

  • Pets: dogs & cats are allowed on the Domaine. Animals are accepted on prior declaration at the time of booking, subject to a financial contribution. Any damage that the animal may cause to the facilities and decoration of the establishment, remains the responsibility of the customer and will be fully re-invoiced to him. We reserve the right to refuse dangerous or aggressive animals or animals causing any nuisance within the premises.
  • Parking: the owners of the vehicles remain solely responsible for the effects and goods left in their vehicle or for any damage to them. Only one vehicle is allowed per room.
  • In all circumstances, appropriate attire is required.

  • Any behaviour or remarks contrary to morality or public order will lead Domaine Riberach to ask the client to leave the establishment, without any reimbursement if a payment has been made, nor compensation.

  • The customer undertakes not to invite any person whose behaviour is likely to damage the establishment, the spa or the cellar, as these reserve the right to intervene if necessary.

  • The customer will not be able to introduce, from the outside, neither drinks nor food.

  • The general ban on smoking in public places is applicable in the Domaine Riberach.

Domaine Riberach has internal rules and regulations which can be consulted on site and which the client undertakes to read before the start of his stay or his access to the spa and to respect them.

Article 17: Liability

  • The services offered are in accordance with the French legislation in force. The Domaine Riberach cannot be held responsible in the event of non-compliance with the legislation of a third country.
  • Domaine Riberach shall not be held responsible for the non- performance or improper performance of the reservation in the event of force majeure, in the event of a third party or the customer's fault.
  • The photographs, graphic representations and descriptions on the Domaine Riberach websites are not binding. Le client ne peut prétendre à aucune réclamation ou indemnisation de ce fait.
  • Guests are required to take out insurance with an insurance company against the risks inherent in their occupation, namely theft, loss or damage to their personal belongings, as well as for any damage they may cause in the room and also for any damage they may cause to the property as a whole, either through their own fault or through their possible negligence.
  • The Domaine Riberach shall not be responsible for theft of or damage to personal objects inside or outside the rooms or to the vehicle and its contents.
  • The Domaine Riberach cannot be held responsible for fortuitous events or force majeure such as climatic disasters or external nuisances that would disrupt, interrupt or prevent the stay. If circumstances oblige us to do so, in the event of events of force majeure beyond our control, we may be obliged to modify our programmes partially or totally (total or partial closure of a site, common facilities such as a natural swimming pool, playground, restaurant(s), etc.). The case of force majeure may under no circumstances give rise to a reduction in the price of the stay or to compensation on our part.

Article 18:Respect for privacy

  • The information that is requested from the client is necessary to process the reservation and will be recorded in our database.
  • Without this information, Domaine Riberach will not be able to process the reservation.
  • The customer may write to Domaine Riberach, whose contact details are given in the article « Confirmation of reservation », to exercise his rights of access, opposition on legitimate or unjustified grounds with regard to prospecting and rectification and with regard to the information concerning him and processed by Domaine Riberach, under the conditions provided for in Article 34 of the French Data Protection Act 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended and the General Regulations on Data Protection (EU Regulation 2016/679) or RGPD. To exercise this right, please contact Domaine Riberach by e-mail at
  • The Domaine Riberach declares that it has completed any formalities that may be required with the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés.
  • The information provided by the customer to Domaine Riberach in connection with the order shall not be passed on to third parties. Domaine Riberach shall treat this information as confidential. It shall be used solely by Domaine Riberach's internal departments for the processing of the customer's order and to strengthen and personalise the communication and services offered to the customer.
  • The customer has the option of expressly consenting to receive direct marketing in the form of e-mail or post. The customer has the right to oppose, by e-mail or by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, to the use of data concerning him/her for canvassing purposes, particularly commercial.

Article 19: Propriété intellectuelle

  • Tous les textes, images reproduits sur le site internet sont réservés au titre de la propriété intellectuelle et pour le monde entier.
  • Les présentes Conditions Générales de Vente n’emportent aucune cession d’aucune sorte de droit de propriété intellectuelle sur les éléments appartenant au Domaine Riberach ou ayants droit tels que les photographies, images, textes littéraires, travaux artistiques, marques, chartes graphiques, logos au bénéfice du client.
  • L’internaute qui dispose d’un site Internet à titre personnel et désire placer, à des fins personnelles, sur son site un lien simple renvoyant directement sur la page d’accueil du site doit obtenir l’autorisation préalable et expresse du Domaine pour établir ce lien auprès de
  • En toute hypothèse, les liens hypertextes renvoyant au site web devront être retirés à première demande du Domaine Riberach.

Article 20: Applicable law

  • The law governing these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the contract concluded when ordering a Gift Voucher/Gift Box or a Holiday Voucher alone or in a package, is French law for all disputes relating, in particular, to their validity, interpretation, execution or cancellation.
  • In case of dispute, and in the absence of amicable agreement between the parties, the jurisdiction to be seized will be the one territorially competent either that of Perpignan.

Article 21: Procedures for dealing with complaints

  • The consumer can submit his complaints to the following address: Domaine Riberach, 2A route de Caladroy 66720 BELESTA or by our : contact form.
  • The customer shall allow Domaine Riberach a reasonable period of time to ascertain the complaint and to respond to it, if necessary.
  • In the absence of a solution within 45 days of the customer's complaint to Customer Service, the customer may refer the matter to the Tourism and Travel Mediator, whose contact details are given in Article 21 of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Article 22: Referral to the Consumer Mediator

  • In accordance with Articles L. 616-1 and R. 111-1 6° of the Consumer Code, the customer is entitled to refer the matter to the Tourism and Travel Mediator, whose contact details are currently as follows:
  • Mediator for Tourism and Travel
    MTV Mediation Tourism Travel
    BP 80 303
    75823 Paris Cedex 17
  • The procedures for submitting a claim are indicated on the following website: