5 wine vats for a SPA

The Wellness Centre of Domaine Riberach opened in May 2015. Celadon limewashed walls and pebbles create a highly Mediterranean mineral and natural setting.

Exotic furniture, mirrors and carved panels give rhythm to the area whose decoration is accentuated with a few touches of lemon yellow and powder pink. The 5 refined areas occupy 5 wine vats and follow one another all along the pebble floor: boudoir, star-spangled vault hammam and sauna (free access), and also double balneo bathtub, and massage and beauty treatment room (by appointment)… In a word, a 60sqm relaxed, intimate spa that can be enjoyed by all the residents of Domaine Riberach… Whether before or after a nap in the wine vat or by the biotope – the choice is yours!  

Riberach SPA (soin)
Riberach SPA (balnéo)
Riberach SPA (entrée)

Unique beauty line...

Riberach discovered a unique line of beauty products for its new Wellness Centre in the Camargue, just a few kilometres from the department of the Pyrénées-Orientales: Eclaé, Prodige des Eaux Roses. Dunaliella Salina can be found at the core of Eclaé’s formulas. The microalgae bloom in the Camargue salt marshes by turning the waters where they live into a shiny pink. At this very moment, their properties are at their most powerful and make them exceptional natural cosmetics ingredients for fighting against skin ageing effects.

And for hotel residents,
9 original packages on the premise:

Riberach SPA (relaxation)

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‘Pacifique’ Relaxation (1h00)

Traditional massage is performed on the entire body. It is designed not only to relax the mind and body, but also to develop psycho-corporal awareness. This massage of long, slow and smooth movements allows a deep physical and mental relaxation.


‘Prodige des Eaux Roses’ Facial Treatment (45mn)

ECLAE discovery treatment combines Dunaliella Salina, a key active ingredient of the beauty line and powerful antioxidant, to the detoxifying and energizing properties of the sea salt.


‘Précieux de Camargue’ Facial Treatment (1h10)

A beauty enhancer par excellence. A really relaxation break associated with a youth therapy: Dunaliella Salina and specific techniques using sea salt pouches help to brighten up the skin and create a sensation of deep relaxation.


‘Volupté des Eaux Roses’ Body Treatment (1h00)

A detoxifying relaxation break designed to keep your mind and body in balance. Camargue salt exfoliation followed by relaxing manual techniques and specific techniques using sea salt pouches.


‘Escapade en Camargue’ Body Treatment (1h00)

A detoxifying, re-energizing and stimulating treatment which helps to increase tonus and energy in the body. The Camargue salt exfoliation is associated with specific toning and firming techniques followed by active movements with sea salt pouches.


Massage Abhyanga (1h00)

Massage ayurvédique aux huiles essentielles. Il favorise la circulation des fluides corporels, la digestion, le fonctionnement du système nerveux. Il travaille aussi sur les articulations et le tonus musculaire. Sur le plan émotionnel, il apporte sérénité et plénitude, en agissant sur l’humeur, la confiance et l’estime de soi. Il s’agit d’un véritable rééquilibrage énergétique.


Massage Dos - Cou - Tête (45mn)

Pour une relaxation en profondeur par un travail sur les points énergétiques et musculaires.


Massage Chi Nei Tsang (1h30)
(massage taoïste des organes)

Le chi nei tsang est une technique ancestrale de massage du ventre. Un massage énergétique tout en douceur et en profondeur des organes internes : rate, foie, reins, cœur, poumons. Le soin se déroule en deux temps: l’ensemble du corps est d’abord massé en fluidité. Vous recevez ensuite un massage du ventre permettant une libération des charges émotionnelles contenues dans les organes. Un massage harmonisant, libérateur et revitalisant.


Yumi Beauté des pieds

« De si jolis pieds » (traitement anti-callosités et hydratation). Ce soin est disponible exclusivement pendant un soin du visage ou un massage.