Gastronomy in its natural state by Julien Montassié and Nicolas Forthias

Julien Montassié, who trained with Michel Troisgros, Gilles Goujon and Laurent Lemal, has taken over as Executive Chef of the Domaine Riberach**** restaurants.

Previously Head Chef of "La Coopérative" and "Host et Vinum", he was also Laurent Lemal's right-hand man for three years in the kitchens of Domaine Riberach****.

Nicolas Forthias travelled all over France before settling in Riberach in 2020. From the Côte d'Azur to Burgundy via Corsica, he has worked as Chef de Partie Pâtisserie at the Michelin-starred Montracher.

His heart swings between cooking and pastry-making, but for our greatest pleasure he combines the two disciplines as Head Chef of "La Coopérative".

The constantly changing menu is a tribute to all the small local producers and to the trust we place in them". Julien Montassié & Nicolas Forthias.

The Chiefs

Natural Gastronomy

Combining technique and simplicity, accuracy and precision, modernity and tradition,

Contemplating nature, exploring it, understanding it.

Rediscovering the meaning of the product, working it, respecting it, magnifying it, while making sure you never lose the notion of sharing!

Plat 1
Plat 2

In this terroir where he draws his roots, he is inspired by the women and men who work it with humanity and minimalism. Between land and sea, in this sun-drenched and partly unspoiled natural environment, Julien and Nicolas reinvent a sensory game of forgotten flavours, combining the expected with the improbable.

A succession of impressionist paintings animated with vegetal touches, a return to the origins on the tracks of the snail.