Comptoir cave

The « Comptoir-Cave » is a friendly and relaxed dining alternative for simple yet tasty meals. A beautiful place where terrines, tapas, and seasonal regional dishes are served while tasting the wines of the wine shop. A local bistro, where you can select from the blackboard and enjoy your meal on the terrace or at the large counter, like a family-style table.

Vintages from about thirty local winegrowers, all organic, biodynamic or, like us, bio-natural. All selected with rigour, according to the mood of the moment in continuity with our wine commitments.

Don't miss les visites de la cave proposées à 17h00 suivies d’une dégustation des vins emblématiques du domaine... Price : €10.00

Open Monday lunchtime to Wednesday lunchtime .

Open on Sunday evening.


Lounge Terrace

Fancy a cocktail? A quick bite? An aperitif?

Terrasse lounge

Our terrace lounge with a view of the vineyards is the ideal spot to enjoy a breath of fresh air under the sun.

Snacking & lazing around...

From 1st April to 1st November: every day from 3pm to 6:30pm.