Laurent Lemal, from northern France, gained early experience at Ducasse (Bruno Caironi, Michel Dussau, Benoit Witz…). In 2009, he joined Riberach and created the “Cooperative” gastronomic line. He gathered a carefully selected team and, relying on this balanced environment, has dedicated all his creative energy to the passionate exploration of a region reflecting unparalleled richness, diversity and know-how. His à la carte menu which is changed once or twice a week is a truly declaration to all the talented producers of the local area, his confidence in them and admiration. He won his first Michelin star on 24 February 2014.

Laurent Lemal

In search of umami – the perfect balance of flavours, textures and tastes – Laurent Lemal serves smooth, structured and generous cuisine that expresses his aspirations and encounters, and resonates as time passes by.

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He likes gustatory surprises provided by a series of small dishes with their overlapping flavours that are introduced, respond to one another or knock over one another. He likes fine detailed food and gestures like in teppanyaki art. His dramatization work reflected in the dish tells his extraordinary gardens, sometimes reminding of haiku art because of its connection to nature, his search for totally mastered simplicity and spontaneity.

 “That is to say a series of contemporary paintings, surprising appetisers and dishes that have been redefined with great mastery and humour.”